Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something to think about

Hello Readers,

Ok, ok. I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but my real excuse is that I like to have pictures with each of my entries because otherwise it’s just incredibly boring. The only problem with this is that I get too excited about what I’m doing to take a minute to snap some photos. I’m going to have to work on that.

Speaking of getting excited about things, the reason I’m blogging is not to share what I’ve been knitting, but to talk about something that has struck me to the absolute core. I was reading all of the new entries of all of the bloggers I follow (over there >>>) and “a Friend to knit with” had written something new. When I read it, I was nearly brought to tears! In the previous entry on her blog, someone had written the ignorant and pointlessly hurtful comment “Get a life.” The tactful post she wrote in response was so touching and true that it made me SO mad at whoever had the nerve to write something like that on her blog.

I think she is exactly right. Exploring and sharing your passions and hobbies could literally not have any MORE life in it! Why in the world should anyone change what they like to do or talk about based on the opinions of a complete stranger?! Or based on the opinions of anyone! Knitting receives a fair amount of slack from the general public because it’s considered boring or old-fashioned. What no one besides knitters understands is how exciting the tiny things about knitting are. The huge amount of colours and the search for the one perfect for whatever you’re making. The wonderful feeling of caressing every inch of the luxuriously soft yarns that are gradually being sculpted into something that the recipient will (hopefully!) love. I really feel like more people need to appreciate the small things. I get made fun of because I get so excited about tiny things, but if you don’t get excited about things, if everything just goes unnoticed, you’re wasting the fact that it’s there! If you waste time being unhappy or grumpy or not enjoying things, what is the point of you being here? That is time you will never get back.

What’s actually funny about the comment is how this human landed on that blog? I mean, if you don’t enjoy knitting or reading about knitting, what are YOU doing wasting your time reading them!? And then to insult the person who wrote it? Who was forcing you to read it!? And what did they even have to gain from saying something like that?? I guess I’m giving them exactly what they want by getting upset about it but no! I really felt like the message that a Friend to knit with’s entry carried (much better than mine) was a really important one. I, too, hope that everyone finds something that makes them happy, whatever it is, and shares that joy with the people around them, because if you aren’t reminded to appreciate every little thing you might miss something important, mightn’t you? You never know.

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