Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming Apart at the Seams

Hello Readers!

I’m sorry that I have slacked a little, but seeing as I’ve started work (on the 10th admittedly) it’s already remarkable that I’ve managed a new post in the same month. I fell off the knitting bandwagon a bit, but I’ve jumped back on and I have some things to share with you lovelies.

So, after I discovered one of my favourite blogs (Allergic to Wool), it has been my dream to purchase a second hand sweater at a charity shop or such and unravel it and breathe new life into aka knit it into something else. Well friends, this dream has been realised. Not too long after I started work, I went to my local Goodwill shop and bought a highly unattractive sweater (but made of pretty yarn) and bought it for a mere 3 dollars! When I got home, I even noticed that the price tag indicated that it was originally FIFTY dollars! And, although there is no tag on the inside, I think it is real wool. The idea of a sweater’s amount of real wool for 3 dollars is just mind-boggling for me, but I have some big plans for it. I found a tutorial on how to best unravel a sweater, and that was quite helpful. I did also have some help from my tiny angelic (ha… ha…) cousins to unravel the sweater and wind it back up into balls, so that was helpful. So here are some pictures of this little adventure:

This is what the sweater looked like before. You might notice that I like these up-close pictures. It just makes me feel very warm inside to see all the fibres and colours and textures mixing together like best friends. As Jess once said to me “You’re a bit of a freak, aren’t you?” Yes. Yes, I am.

I was a bit too excited to start, so there is no absolute before and after pictures. I took ONE picture with only one arm off, but it was the worst picture ever, so I’m not even putting it on here. Here is one sleeve balled up and next is the entire sweater’s worth of yarn.

So you’ll have to wait and see what becomes of this. I have one plan for something for myself and I want to make something for Jaden, but I’m not entirely sure of what, exactly. I think I’ll have to let this yarn mature for a while so I can find the perfect time and place to use it :). It’s SO exciting! I really love the potential that yarn has. It makes me so jittery!

Until the next advancement in my knitting saga, dear readers!


  1. Thanks for linking the tutorial and sharing your pictures! I tried to unravel a sweater quite a while ago and ended up with a lap full of foot-long strands. It was a disaster! Maybe I'll have to give it another try...

  2. Please show us what you did with this yarn!