Sunday, February 7, 2010

Almost Ruby Slippers

Hello to my numerous readers.

I come bearing GOOD news! I have finished the baby booties!!! However, due to a sudden realisation, the prospective owner has now changed entirely. Changed continent even. My mom informed me today that one of our neighbours had her baby girl very recently, so I decided that the other pair could wait since that baby is still in-utero.

The first one took me nearly an entire day, whereas the second one was a mere 4 hour job from cast on to seaming! I felt quite proud of that accomplishment. I was a little disappointed to realise upon completion that one is a liiiittle bit bigger than the other. Damn you changeable gauge! It really is annoying and I don’t understand how I could make it in EXACTLY the same way and still have such a difference in the size. However, there is a bright side to this situation: I’m being forced to give “blocking” a go. To the non-knitters (aka most of my avid followers) that means wetting a finished piece and stretching it out. It’s usually done by pinning it down to stretch it out until it dries, however I do not have any pins right now, so I’m just stretching it by hand every once in a while. Hopefully that works… it’s drying quite quickly. Compared to the size difference before, there has been fairly significant improvement, but it’s not even dry yet.

So here they are in all their glory. I absolutely LOVE them. I think that every new (female) tiny human should own a pair hence me wanting to ADORN every baby I see with a pair. These were knitted on 2.75mm needles aka very tiny. I think the smallest I've ever knitted on even.

I, unfortunately, have not quite finished the scarf yet. It’s been proving to be a bit of a knitter’s block for me, actually. I get really bored knitting scarves. Luckily, this one’s quite a cool pattern to keep me intrigued, but it’s not doing such a good job. And I have a hard time knitting other things when one project is unfinished because I just REALLY want to get it off my shoulders before I start something else. I’ve got about a quarter of a skein left and I don’t think it’s going to be long enough, so Jenna, I’m sending you on a wild goose chase, because my mom was highly unnerved at the prospect of being responsible for that. I’ll tell you more details later :).

While I’m not knitting, I’ve been having some good times with my cousins! (since my pharmacy license has STILL not arrived, so I can't start my job yet...) After much debate, Mike (my uncle) and I purchased the blu-ray version of Coraline (as well as some rubber car mats which he proptly ripped while trying to take a staple out. I've taken the piss out of him A LOT because of that...)because I expressed my wanting to see it. Much to my glee (at the time) it came with a 3-D version and those ‘totally-awesome’ glasses. Here are Jamie (front) and Jaden enjoying the movie and looking quite futuristic and intense.

Unfortunately, we had to stop the 3-D version and commence viewing in the standard 2-D because it was hurting our eyes! I have to say I was immensely let down. I really love Tim Burton movies because of their colour and how crazy it is to make them (and also the slightly weird plots) and I was very disappointed that the colour is so lame in the 3-D version. Some parts were cool, but mostly it was just verging on nauseating, so I was relieved that Jaden and Jamie also wanted to watch the 2-D version. The coolest part about the Coraline movie, I have to say, was that ALL of the sweaters that the teeeeeeeeny characters were wearing were actually knitted by this girl (I’m linking you up to a youtube video of her talking about it). So that was pretty cool…

Well, I am going to wrap this up, but I’m just going to say now that my next post will not be quite as prompt as the last, because the next thing I am planning to work on is a fair bit larger and more difficult. Now, eager readers, as much as this news may pain you, I assure you, your wait will not be in vain.

Until then, farewell.

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  1. These are sooo cute! I am going to get them to their rightful owner ASAP! How is my hat going???? <3 U! Mom