Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Breaking the ice

It's a little scary to write the first entry of this thing, now that it comes down to it. I've been wanting to start a blog for a REALLY long time, and I've finally gotten round to doing it and now I have next to nothing to say. I’m sure this problem will be resolved once I get going…

So, I’m just going to pretend that people besides my friends are going to somehow stumble upon this blog whilst on a quest for knitting patterns or the like and explain some things about myself.

My name is Bailey and I very much heart knitting. I’m essentially obsessed, as my friends all know (Margi). Just this past year I have started knitting absolutely regularly, and I feel REALLY weird if I’m not knitting when I’m sitting around, or if I go away for an extended amount of time without bringing something to knit. About a week ago, I realised it had been nearly 2 weeks since I’d even picked up a knitting needle, but I browsed some blogs and got caught up in the spirit of it and started on some projects (which I’ll blog about soon!)

I’m riiiiight in the middle of my gap year right now, so I have TONNES of time on my hands to knit and blog and whatnot. I usually have at least one project going at a time. I haven’t really knitted a big thing yet… I prefer small things so that I can get finished with them and give them to humans who I love. That’s another thing: I rarely keep the things I knit. I’ve knitted a (crappy) scarf and a hat for myself and EVERYTHING else has been given away. I quite like knitting pointless things (but I have to give them away because I then don’t know what to do with them). My favourite pointless thing I’ve knitted is the previously named Mervin the Molar, but Jenna changed it to Miguel la Muela so she could act like she is fluent in Spanish. I might do a blog entry about Mervin/Miguel actually… that was quite a good one.

Currently, I’m knitting a scarf for no one with the b-e-a-u-tiful yarn that KATE gifted me for Late Christmas. The yarn quite suits that little forest girl and I don’t know if I can stand giving it to anyone else but her… I’m going to try and convince her ;). It’s quite a cool pattern because it uses ‘yarn over’ technique which I’ve never done before, surprisingly.

I’m also knitting the most adorable little baby booties for an old friend which I have fallen in love with and I’m practically searching for babies on the street whom I can lovingly adorn with these wonderful creations. I have plans for a tiny teddy bear baby hat but we’ll have to see how that one goes. Oh dear. I’ve come across as a bit of a paedophile (ha JOHN look at the spelling go!)

So HOPEFULLY I have enough things that I’m working on to make blogging about it worth my and YOUR while. I’m going to try not to blog like once a year, but we’ll see how that promise goes. I also got a new camera for Christmas and I’ve recently been expeeeeeeeerimenting (in my basement lab just like Dexter, basically. I actually do currently live in a basement… it’s not as rigged as Dexter’s though… ANYWAY) with the settings on my camera because I have a MAD difficult time capturing the essence of my knitted things when I try to take a picture of them. It drives me SO CRAZY! Because all of these other knitting humans have basically the best blogs I’ve ever seen and they must have some wicked good cameras or SOMETHING because they just capture the very spirit of their pieces like it’s a walk in the freaking park. So, if you can tell me how to make my pictures a million times more awesome, DO IT!

Thanks for lending your ear (although, really it’s your eye…) I hope I’ve not bored you senseless :)

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  1. I am happy that you have started this blog, Barnes. This sentence made me lol: "I’m also knitting the most adorable little baby booties for an old friend which I have fallen in love with" because I had no idea you had such strong feelings for this old friend. Love you!